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These letters are tender and sweet and full of compassion.

Letters of love and sorrow from Mothers and Fathers to their children lost to abortion 

This book is filled with letters of heartfelt love, regret and hope; read them with a tissue in hand.  “I hope this book provides encouragement to people suffering the after effects of an abortion, and that they might come to know healing  comfort for the lingering wounds of the heart and soul is possible. For others, I hope insight and compassion are acquired.” ~ Edith M. Gutierrez

Edith Gutierrez is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado.  She has facilitated the Rachel’s Vineyard

Post Abortion Healing Program since 1996 and has

witnessed countless spiritual transformations. 


​​Sometimes the topic of abortion is a controversial subject.  This book is not controversial.  It is a book  of God's merciful love, forgiveness, and compassion expressed through experiences recounted by people who participated in an abortion. Hope and healing are given generously, received with gratitude, and shared with open hearts. 

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